Stop Presenting. Start Engaging.

About us

The Streaming Network is recognized as a leader in the enterprise webcasting and webinar space. In business for over a decade, we evangelized the importance of engagement in Webinars and became a recognized voice on the subject. 


In that time, we encountered thousands of businesses that loved our platform and services, and wanted to do more with their webinar programs, but could not afford the enterprise price tag.  


That’s why we created the Engage Webinars platform.

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Engage Webinars is built on industry-leading webcasting technology, but to fit the budget of almost any company or webinar program. With no apps or plugins required, Engage Webinars boasts a full range of leading-edge engagement tools, plus all the features business marketers have come to expect from higher-priced enterprise platforms including advanced analytics, instant archives and no-limit attendee caps.

The Engage Webinar Mission


We will continue to innovate the platform giving you more ways to engage your audience and maximize your webinar program!


We will always be here to help you make your webinar program a success from planning through execution to the measurement of your success.


We want to make webinars more engaging for everyone not just for the 1% of companies that can afford the enterprise platforms!


We will continue to provide innovative thought leadership and best practices to ensure you can take full advantage of your Engage Webinar subscription.

What our customers think

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GGO Founder