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It’s who you know: Your guide to B2B contact databases

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We will explain how to get started on building a great contact list as well as how webinar marketing can help boost this process. 

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It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. There are few truer statements in all of business. This old adage is especially true of B2B businesses, like B2B marketing, where the contact list is your lifeblood. We will explain how to get started on building a great contact list as well as how webinar marketing can help boost this process. 

What is a B2B contact database?

One key aspect of business success is to understand your client base. This is especially important in the B2B world, where relationships often go beyond a single transaction. You need to maintain a steady connection with your clients, so that they continue to make use of your services. It’s also crucial to generate as many potential leads on clients as possible.

In the modern business world, connections with a client can be varied – you can communicate by phone, email or online meeting. A B2B contact database includes everything you need to know about your client – or potential client – at a glance, including their company, industry and all methods of contact.

When it comes to B2B marketing, this B2B contact database is vital to create and maintain. Without this organization, you’ll waste your time chasing and following up on dead-end leads. 

How to make a B2B contact list

Before you start searching for contacts, it’s important to identify your company’s “ideal client.” What sort of industries are you targeting? What size of company? How much revenue do you think they will have? 

Once you’ve identified what kind of clients you want on your contact list, it’s time to apply some pressure. Early on, you may rely on painful methods such as cold calling. However, there are more than a few tricks for speeding up this process.

Firstly, you want to leverage your existing contacts. Can you find referrals to new clients? Can you send out messages via platforms like LinkedIn? 

A great way to build a contact list is to host events. Everyone who attends an event that you host is demonstrating at least a modicum of interest in your particular industry. 

One of the most effective methods of event marketing is webinar marketing. The best webinar programs come packed with the analytics you need to refine your B2B contact database. 

Not only can you collect the data you need from registration to start building email lists, but you can also use in-webinar polls and surveys to gain a deeper understanding of the entries on your B2B contact list – turning them from points of data into real people.

Maintaining a B2B contact list

Some people get so obsessed with building a great B2B contact list that they forget to maintain their existing list. Making sure that a contact stays on your list is just as important as getting them on there in the first place.

While you don’t want to smother your clients, keeping them engaged and up to date is key. Constant touchpoints, even just through emails, make the clients feel appreciated and cared for. 

You also want to reaffirm the value of your association with the client. By putting out new content and presentations, and striving for thought leadership in your field, your clients are more likely to want to continue to engage with your business. Hosting events such as webinars is also a great way to keep your B2B contact database thriving. 

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