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What the Engage pillars are and what they mean

Branding, engagement options, detailed analytics, on-demand, integration, no downloads, scalability – these are the pillars of Engage Webinars. At Engage, we’re dedicated to providing businesses with the highest quality of webinar experience, at a reasonable price. 

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Branding, engagement options, detailed analytics, on-demand, integration, no downloads, scalability – these are the pillars of Engage Webinars. At Engage, we’re dedicated to providing businesses with the highest quality of webinar experience, at a reasonable price. 

We will break down what each of these core pillars mean, and how they help us deliver the best possible webinar marketing experience. 


Most companies put a ton of thought and effort into nailing their branding. After all, a company’s brand is their public face to the rest of the world. Even in the B2B space, branding is essential in establishing a sense of professionalism and trust.

It’s frustrating, then, when webinar platforms gravitate towards “generic” branding and prevent your brand from shining through. Engage Webinars is dedicated to making sure that you have options for displaying your brand front and centre. This includes greater control over the visual layout of your webinars as well as options to use your own logo –  not Engage’s. 

Engagement options

It’s all in the name. If you only want to talk to people, you’d be using online meeting software. Engage understands that any live webinar is an inherently social event. Sure, people are there to listen to the speakers and hosts. But it can be vitally important for webinar marketing to hear back from the audience too.

This is why Engage offers a wide array of engagement options. They allow you and your speakers to connect with your webinar audience and get live feedback from them during online events. You can mix and match these options to build the webinar experience you want. Your menu of engagement options includes:

Q&A Panel – Queues up questions from attendees, for text-based or live responses.

Chat – While the Q&A Panel lets attendees talk to you, the chatbox lets them engage with each other as the webinar progresses. 

Contact Us – This option allows attendees to direct emails to an address of your choice

Surveys and Polls – These panels let you host live polls and surveys and get instant responses from the audience.

Handouts – You can create your own digital handouts and PDFs and make them available directly to the attendees

Social Sharing – Engage allows your attendees to directly post to social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, directly from inside the webinar

Tests – Want to make sure your attendees are paying attention? With the Tests panel, you can hold quizzes and score attendees on their knowledge. 

Webpages – Engage offers the ability to directly embed webpages into the webinar platform, either as text or as fully interactive webpages. 

Invitations – Want to boost attendance during the webinar itself? The invitation option allows for attendees to share a registration link to the webinar with others. 

Detailed analytics

Webinar marketing isn’t just great for getting a message out – it also allows you to collect data and analytics about your attendees. Every webinar is a potential goldmine of useful information – but only if you have the capability to tap into it and understand that information.

Engage Webinars are designed to help you best reach and harness these valuable analytics. The Engage Webinar platform includes a variety of baked-in features that make collecting and presenting data a snap.

The first component of this is a flexible system of measuring. Whatever you want to track, Engage can do it for you. Metrics you can measure include viewership, downloads and survey responses. You can also customize what you want to track, measuring engagement with particular parts of the webinar or certain calls to action.

Moreover, you have full customization over how these metrics are displayed, with custom reports and displays. You can even view these analytics live using the event dashboard.

The real power of Engage Webinar analytics lies in their scope – you can not only track metrics of a single webinar but over a whole series of webinars. This allows you to run a full marketing campaign based on your webinars and track data across the entire process. 


At Engage Webinars, we believe in making the most out of your webinars – they shouldn’t be just a “one and done” event. It’s for this reason that we’ve made providing on-demand webinars one of the major pillars of our product. 

Engage makes it easy to record webinars and to download them for later viewing. Not only that but the webinars themselves are designed to be watched either on-demand or live. The agenda you can set up for a live webinar, for example, will become a chapter function when the webinar is downloaded, later on, allowing for easy navigation.

Engage Webinars also features course trackers and certificates. You can use these to gather analytics about how engaged audiences are with your on-demand webinars or use your webinars for new applications, such as team training. 


Integration is another major pillar of Engage. We understand that webinar marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum – rather it’s part of your larger marketing strategy. With this in mind, Engage offers a wide variety of marketing automation and CRM integrations, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Eloqua, Marketo and Pardot.

With Engage, it’s easy to export your data to these third-party tools. Data integration is also relatively simple, with data mapping configured to a template that is automatically applied to future webinars or campaigns as needed. You can even use your marketing automation platforms to create registration pages for your Engage Webinars! 

No downloads

At Engage, we want you to have the convenience of being able to download a webinar after it’s done. On the other hand, we don’t want you to have the inconvenience of downloading software before the webinar begins. Engage Webinars are proudly download-free. 

Even better, Engage Webinars are platform agnosticThis means that your attendees just need a device with an internet connection and they’re ready to connect – it’s as simple as that. You can focus your attention instead on creating the best webinar marketing campaigns possible without worrying about how your attendees will reach you.


Engage is here to help you succeed – and we want to help celebrate that success, not punish you for it. This means that there are no viewership caps on Engage Webinars. Instead, Engage simply adjusts the charges depending on the viewership coverage. 

With standard, premium and professional packages, Engage arrives at the size you need and will grow alongside your webinar success. So get out there and start engaging your audience! 

Get the best webinar software for your business 

Big or small, Engage has everything your business needs to build great-looking, engaging webinars. When it comes to getting the audience invested, Engage sets the standard. Contact us today for enterprise-quality webinars at affordable prices. 

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