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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions for an Engage Webinars subscription?

The Terms and Conditions will be embedded in your Engage Webinars contract. You can click here to preview the T&C’s.

What kind of reports can I run on my Engage Webinars program?

The Engage Webinars Analytics package provides you with a number of stock reports for both individual webinars and cross-webinar reporting. You also have the ability to create your own custom reports. Learn more about Engage Webinars rich data & analytics package.

Does Engage Webinars offer any audio or video production services?

Engage Webinars is a division of The Streaming Network and with your subscription, you get access to over 10 years of webinar, audio, and video production services offered by our parent company, including onsite, studio, and podcast production services. Click here to learn more about TSN’s production services

What special equipment do my presenters need to deliver an Engage Webinar?

No special equipment at all! Presenters can connect by Webcam, PC Microphone, or from any telephone using our integrated audio bridge offering. Click here to view the technical specs for both viewers and speakers.

What do my participants need to join my Engage Webinar?

As a true HTML5-based webinar platform, your viewers need nothing but a computer or a mobile device with access to the internet to access your webinar. Click here to view the technical specs for both viewers and speakers.

What aspects of my Engage Webinar can I customize to look like my brand?

Every aspect of your Engage Webinar can be branded and customized to reflect your corporate brand identity! Click here for an overview of your branding options

What are the different engagement options available?

You can find our growing list of webinar engagement options here. If there is an engagement feature you are looking for that you can’t find in the list, please contact us.

Where can I get answers to questions that I don’t find in this FAQ?

You can always contact us,  we don’t bite.

Where do I get technical and security specs for my IT Department?

You can download the Engage Webinars’ information security package here, or you can contact us to set up a meeting with our technical team and your IT team to answer questions.

Does Engage integrate with my current marketing stack?

Of course, it does! All packages have access to the Engage API and the Professional Package gives you access to our growing list of integrations including, HubSpot, Eloqua, Marketo & Pardot. Click here to learn more. If you are looking for integration that’s not on our list, you can Contact Us to see if we can add your integration!

What happens if I go over my viewership cap?

First off, you will get a big congratulations from our team! If you go over any meeting viewership caps, you are in the top 20% of webinars produced in North America.  Second, you will never be capped on live viewership. But there are charges for viewership overages.

Does every member of my team need to buy a license?

Nope. You only need to purchase multiple licenses if you want to run multiple events at the same time. All packages allow you to assign different levels of administrative and presenter access to any member of your team.

What discounts are available?

All packages have a discount if you purchase your license upfront for the year.  Any new discounts or promotions are usually published on our homepage, but if you have questions or want to try to negotiate, you can Contact us

Why would I purchase the Professional Edition?

With the Engage Professional Edition, you receive access to all the features of the Standard or Premium packages with a larger viewership cap and access to all integrations, our Webinar Program Accelerated Onboarding program, and the Professional Add-On features not available with other packages. Learn more about Professional here.

Click here to get an overview of the Add-On products that are only available with the Engage Professional Package. 

Can I buy features a la carte? Are there add-on fees?

Each of our packages Standard, Premium, and Professional come with all the features listed, you don’t need to buy any a la cart! When you make the decision to go with Professional, you can purchase a number of Pro add-on products such as Webinar Portal, Webinar Theatre, and Webinar Syndication. This can help you supercharge your webinar program and get even more out of your Engage Webinar subscription! Check out the benefits of going pro here!

How long are contracts? Can I change plans?

All contracts are 12 months, but you have the option to pay monthly or upfront for the year at a discounted rate. At anytime during your contract period you can change plans with 30 days notice.

How do I purchase the software?

You can choose your package and purchase your licence right on our website with monthly or annual options. If you prefer to purchase the software by speaking with an Engage Sales Champion, you can Contact Us.

What happens when my 15-day trial ends?

If you are not impressed with Engage Webinars during the 15-day trial period and do not sign up, you will be contacted by the Engage team before we turn off access to ask you why. Then we will turn off access.

Do I give a credit card to get a trial account?

Nope! All we need is your work email (Sorry, no personal emails allowed) and a few additional pieces of information about your webinar needs, and we will quickly provide you with your 15-day trial account information.  Click here to get your trial now.

What can I do with my free trial account?

You can run unlimited Live, On-Demand, or Simulated Live Webinars during your 15-day free trial, with the following stipulations. Your trial account is limited to 25 live attendees and all archives will be deleted when your trial account expires. (We do let you download your webinar archive and webinar reporting data, though.)