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Your Guide To Hybrid Webinars 

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Virtual events have never been more exciting. The demand for new ways to connect with audiences has led to a surge in creativity. In some cases, it can be hard to keep up with all the rapid changes going on in the world of virtual events and webinar conferences.

One of the most recent trends is that of the hybrid webinar. We will use this space to introduce you to the concept and provide some pointers on hosting your very own hybrid webinar.                                                  

What’s a Hybrid Webinar? 

The pandemic has made the line between different kinds of meetings very clear – there are physical meetings and then there are webinar conferences. But what if it wasn’t so black and white? 

A hybrid webinar essentially is an attempt to mix the best aspects of a webinar conference and a physical conference. In its most basic form, a hybrid webinar involves holding a physical conference, but recording it on video at the same time, and hosting that video in a webinar format. 

What’s The Benefit? 

The most immediate benefit of hybrid webinars is that you can get the best of both worlds. You get the chance to interact with people in person and get some serious networking done, but you also are able to get the long reach of a webinar conference. In essence, you get all the benefits of a physical conference but the scope of a webinar conference.

This scope is more important than it looks. Increasingly, webinars are being used for webinar marketing, and need those larger audiences to make the most of webinar analytics. By getting a larger and more diverse audience at your webinar, you can make sure that your webinar analytics are more meaningful. 

If you make sure that your hybrid webinar is also on-demand and can be downloaded later, you can extend the reach of your content even further. This lets you get the most “bang for your buck” when it comes to webinar content. 

How To Hold The Best Hybrid Webinars

The key to holding a good hybrid webinar conference is to make sure that both the in-person audience and remote attendees are engaged. With your physical audience, this depends mainly on the charm of your speakers and your ability to answer questions.

You don’t want to leave your online audience out in the cold, however. The best webinar software will come with a variety of interactive software. You can even bring the online audience in to increase interactivity. For example, you can run an online poll of all attendees and bring up the results as talking points.

Don’t forget that your physical audience might want to use your interactive options as well – they’ll want to partake in quizzes and polls, and share the webinar through social media channels.

Get Started With Interactive Webinars

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