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Internal webinar use – from training to updates

Boardroom meeting
Whether you are a CEO wanting to address your whole organization or a team leader looking to give an update, interactive webinars are a highly effective method of business communication.

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At Engage, many of our customers are in B2B marketing and want to use webinars to connect with those on the outside – partners, inventors and customers. But is it possible to leverage webinars for use within the company? We explore the use of webinars for internal company affairs such as CEO meetings and training. 

Internal communication

All companies, small to large, have quickly made the transition to online meeting tools, thanks to the pandemic. But with the trend towards greater globalization and decentralization, most modern businesses have had to learn to manage teams across the globe. 

For small businesses, online meeting software is often all you need to keep your team in the loop. However, once your business grows past a certain point, this won’t be enough. 

Webinars are a great way for leaders to address a large number of employees concurrently without being in the same physical space. Through the use of interactive webinar tools, you can gather feedback from employees without slowing down proceedings.

Whether you are a CEO wanting to address your whole organization or a team leader looking to give an update, interactive webinars are a highly effective method of business communication.

Downloaded webinars for internal communication

From time to time, employees will not be able to make a remote event. With pre-recorded webinars, they won’t have to miss out. Your company can store an archive of your webinar events, and make them available for employees to watch at any time. 

Webinars for training

The best webinar programs can do more than help you meet. Not only do they hold the power of communication, but the power of learning too. If you need to onboard new employees or update the training of existing team members, a webinar is extremely effective.

Doing this, of course, involves mastering training webinar best practices. Good webinar training requires a different tempo than a webinar providing a news update. The focus is less on the speakers and more on giving attendees the time to absorb information and ask relevant questions.

This is why it’s very important to have interactive webinar options in your arsenal before you start offering webinars for training. The best webinars allow you to host quizzes and tests during a webinar. This not only allows employees to ask you questions but for you to ask questions in return, ensuring that everyone is up to speed. 

The best webinar platforms will also include options for certification – track employees to see when they’ve successfully passed your course. 

A good webinar platform for training should also have the option to provide downloadable handouts for attendees. Being able to embed web pages into the webinar also expands the range of information you can pass on. 

Downloaded webinars for training

By using the quiz and certification options, you can reuse your training webinar for future employees. This lets you get incredible training value out of a single webinar, instead of having to continuously host new ones for new hires.

By making sure that all new employees have access to pre-recorded webinars with all the necessary quizzes and certifications, you put the learning experience in their hands. All they need to do is download the webinar and go through the course – easy as that! 

Get the best webinar software for your business 

Big or small, Engage has everything your business needs to build great-looking, engaging webinars. When it comes to getting the audience invested, Engage sets the standard. Contact us today for enterprise-quality webinars at affordable prices.

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