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First steps into a wider world of webinars – 4 tips for launching your webinar program

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A webinar program is an excellent way to build firm connections with clients, customers and peers for your business.

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A webinar program is an excellent way to build firm connections with clients, customers and peers for your business. If you’re in the B2B marketing space,  webinars can facilitate vital inter-business communications – especially when face-to-face contact is difficult or impossible. Even if you want to go global or just national, it’s important to have a webinar program, using the best webinar platform possible.

Our experts have compiled some tips on things you should set up right away. By taking care of these tasks early on, you are positioning yourself for success, no matter which virtual events you choose to host. 

#1 Understand your goals

Before trying to create a successful webinar program, it’s important to have a firm grasp on what success looks like. a In short, what are you trying to accomplish with your webinar program? 

Do you want to use your webinars to generate leads (something webinars are amazing at)? Do you want to become a thought leader in your field? Do you need to communicate important information to clients or customers? Or a combination of all of these? And how much do you want webinars to push the needle on these objectives?

Setting some clear goals beforehand will help provide a reference point for all webinar program decisions you make in the future. For example, if your goal is just to use webinars for onboarding clients and customers, you might not want to spend money on special speakers. However, if you’re looking to become a thought leader – you absolutely want to spend those dollars. 

#2 Build a schedule

Once you’ve decided on goals, you should determine your webinar output. Understanding this will empower you to make smart choices on spending and budget. If possible, try to create a consistent schedule, no matter how sporadically you host webinars. This makes it easier for attendees to anticipate your sessions.

Having more webinars that are spaced out is generally a better option than a few “over-stuffed” webinars. Remember that most people have difficulty maintaining attention for more than an hour. Try to keep virtual events under two hours, with plenty of breaks.

Also, note that there is a correlation between the time you choose for your webinars and attendance rates. Aim for the middle of the week and ideally after lunch. These are the times when you are more likely to snag attendees – build it into your webinar platform schedule from the start! 

#3 Assemble a super team

Before long, you’ll find that a webinar program is a lot more work than anticipated

, especially if you’re using a more complex virtual platform. Smaller businesses might get away with having a single person handle everything, but larger organizations should consider putting a team together. 

The exact composition of your webinar team will vary depending on your specific goals. In general, you’ll want people to build the webinars, people to market the webinars and people to help moderate the webinars. You can have internal team members serve as speakers, but don’t be afraid to reach outside your organization to find additional hosts!

#4 Get a great webinar platform

Of course, before you start building any virtual events, you’ll want to choose from the many virtual platforms. Make sure to get the best webinar platform possible and to stick with it. Nothing drives off attendees more than knowing they’ll have to keep downloading new and unfamiliar programs and applications.

With Engage, there are no downloads or bloatware to navigate. Engage is also perfect for companies in B2B marketing, as it really lets their branding talent shine through. There are plenty of options for your webinar team to use and build events to spec. 

Get the best webinar software for your business 

Big or small, Engage has everything your business needs to build great-looking, engaging webinars. When it comes to getting the audience invested, Engage sets the standard. Contact us today for enterprise-quality webinars at affordable prices. 

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