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Attending a Virtual Convention

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The COVID-19 pandemic shifted the dynamics of large-scale events. One of the hardest-hit types of events was the convention – trade conventions, business conventions, political conventions, and fan conventions. 

However, as always, we adapted and the end result was a surge in virtual conventions. Just like with any other kind of virtual event, you can use webinars to spruce up your virtual conventions. We will explain the ins and outs of an online convention as well as how webinars can help improve the experience for all attendees.

What Is a Virtual Convention?

The concept behind a virtual convention is pretty simple. Previously (do you remember those wonderful pre-pandemic times?) a convention was a place where a group of colleagues, contemporaries or enthusiasts could meet to share the latest news and developments in a particular field or shared interest. 

For businesses, conventions were an important way to both keep up to date on changes in their industry as well as providing a great way to network with other industry professionals 

However, many of us tried to adapt the convention format into virtual conventions during the pandemic. These virtual events generally mix a variety of content together into an online platform, and no two virtual conventions are the same. 

But the two hurdles that any virtual convention needs to overcome are finding ways to connect people with products and to each other.

Virtual Trade Floors

In terms of the first challenge, there have been numerous attempts to adapt convention planning to the digital world. This can be as simple or as complex as companies want. The easiest way is to make online materials available to anyone attending the virtual convention.

Some convention hosts put on stylish virtual events that try to give some of the convention flavor in an online space. As real-life conventions start back up, there is a reverse movement to bring more digital connection to physical conventions.

Boost Virtual Conventions By Attending Webinars

Letting people see trade goods via virtual events is one thing, but what most people want out of a good virtual convention is the ability to connect with one another. By allowing participants of a virtual event to attend webinars, you’re able to give them the human touch we’ve all missed.

However, not every webinar is appropriate for a virtual convention. When logging into a virtual convention, people want to attend webinars that actually let them network and connect. This means that interactivity is paramount. You’ll want to let people attend webinars with plenty of audience-speaker interaction as well as the tools to allow them to connect with each other.

Get The Best Interactive Webinars 

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