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Promotion of hybrid events

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We explore some of the best ways to promote hybrid events and the subtleties that come with cross-promotion for live and digital audiences.

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We’ve discussed why hybrid webinars are going to be the future before on our website. The ability to take a live webinar and promote it to an online audience can’t be understated. 

However, there remains the question of how to promote webinars that have an online and live component. We explore some of the best ways to promote hybrid events and the subtleties that come with cross-promotion for live and digital audiences.

What are hybrid events?

Hybrid webinars are a fairly simple concept, but one that can be difficult to pull off well. Essentially, they involve hosting a live event (like the classic seminar that webinars take their name from) but simultaneously broadcasting it as a webinar online.

In the past, this approach tended to shortchange the online audience. However, new hybrid webinar software allows for a more inclusive experience – through Q&A’s, surveys, quizzes and even connecting the webinar to live social media. 

Marketing for hybrid events

In many ways, advertising for hybrid webinars is the same as any event. The difference is that you have to try to account for the habits of online and physical audiences simultaneously. You may want to focus much of your marketing on the region where your event will be hosted.

 Once physical tickets are sold out you can then look at the online side.

The best way to market for a hybrid event is to try to cover as many bases as efficiently as possible. Make sure that your website has clear links to a landing page for the event and includes plenty of information.

If you’ve held webinars in the past, you should have a good contact list built up, putting you in a good position to start an email campaign to advertise your hybrid webinar event. Send out press releases too – many clients are busy and will skim over smaller updates to only focus on the major ones. 

For more consistent events, don’t forget to make use of social media. Hybrid webinar events will allow you to keep putting out social media updates even during the event itself! It’s not uncommon to have registrations for the online portion happening right up to kick-off, so don’t put the brakes on marketing just because the live event is full.

Marketing content for hybrid events 

Vectors for marketing are one thing, but what should the meat of your marketing be about? What entices people to engage with hybrid webinar events? 

A good rule of thumb for any webinar promotion is to focus on what makes this event a unique, unreplicable experience. For regular webinars, there is no urgency – everyone can download the webinar later and get the same experience, with perhaps a little less interactivity.

The best way to sell the event to physical attendees is to focus on the speakers. These are the real points of difference when it comes to comparing webinars. Some speakers may be well known enough that attendees will pay just to be in the same room as them. In other cases, you’ll have to be more persuasive and highlight the speaker’s accomplishments, so that attendees have a clear picture of their value.

For your online audience, you need to make sure that they don’t feel they are getting a “lesser experience.” For them, the webinar should be sold as less of an experience and more of a product. This means highlighting the downloadable content angle and emphasizing that this is evergreen webinar content. 

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