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What Are Virtual Town Halls

Virtual Town Halls

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Virtual platforms are allowing for more and more creativity when it comes to moving important business and social gatherings online. One of these kinds of virtual meetings that boomed in popularity over the pandemic is known as “virtual town halls”. 

We’ll quickly explain this phenomenon and provide you a guide on holding the best virtual town hall meetings possible.

What is a Virtual Town Hall?

Not many people are aware of what a town hall meeting is these days, let alone a virtual town hall meeting. Traditionally, in communities around the world a town hall meeting is an opportunity for people to come together with fellow citizens and directly discuss issues and voice opinions with local officials.

Virtual town halls are an attempt to recreate this concept in a digital space. This isn’t just a reaction to the pandemic either. In many places, the traditional town hall meetings are falling in attendance. Virtual town halls are using virtual meetings platforms to reconnect community members with one another. 

However, virtual town hall meetings don’t need to just try and copy the old formula of discussion and voting. A virtual meetings platform allows a town hall meeting to be streamed and available on-demand – where you can leverage your modern engagement tools to reel in your larger audience. 

A virtual meetings platform also leaves room for more “open” virtual town halls – not only can people watch the proceedings whenever they want, but they can also give feedback whenever they want. And it’s not just limited to community gatherings. More recently, many businesses have been employing the same techniques to provide corporate updates that additionally solicit feedback from employees.

How Webinars Help

As you can see, holding the best virtual town hall possible involves more than just producing video content of speakers. If you’re just using regular video conferencing programs for your virtual meetings, you’re shortchanging your attendees. 

A strong webinar platform can push a virtual town hall meeting over-the-top. Firstly, they satisfy the on-demand needs of a modern virtual town hall session. No matter what someone’s schedule is, they can choose to watch your content at their leisure and feel engaged.

Secondly, a modern webinar platform provides interactive options for those who can’t attend a town hall in-person to give their feedback. You can do this by holding polls and receiving direct feedback – a vital part of local politics and modern business.

Make The Best Interactive Webinars 

The key to holding a virtual town hall or any other virtual meeting is keeping audiences engaged with interactive options. When it comes to getting the audience invested, there’s no one is better than Engage. Contact us today for enterprise-quality webinars at affordable prices.

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