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What makes a webinar different from meeting software? 

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Many Engage customers move to webinar platforms after having only ever used meeting software. However, traditional web meeting programs can’t hold a candle to the features and versatility of modern webinar products. 

We will use this space to clearly define webinars and online meeting software, outline the differences between them and explain why it’s important to invest in  webinar products, so you can take your company’s online marketing to the next level. 

What is online meeting software?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most people reading this already have a good idea of what online meeting software is. To those that don’t, it encompasses any kind of software, application or program that allows  people to connect online, no matter where they are geographically. 

This kind of software is the digital descendant of earlier teleconferencing tech, commonly  referred to as “online conferencing software.” If you’ve used Zoom or Google Meet, you’ve used online meeting software. Essentially, these are just ways to get video and/or audio feed to other parties, for a variety of purposes, including business. 

What is a webinar platform?

Online meeting software is pretty straightforward in its purpose – you just need to be able to talk to someone else. Webinar products on the other hand tend to be a lot more involved;it takes more nuance to define webinars. 

Think of it like this – online meeting software is like finding a room where a few team members can talk. However, a webinar is like having a huge conference hall or auditorium, replete with all the multimedia tools you could want.

The term “webinar” comes from “seminar”, and the best webinar products let you get as close as possible to the real thing. This includes being able to interact with audiences and share information with that audience. 

What is online meeting software good for? 

As you can imagine, webinar platforms are incredibly flexible tools. If your business is holding any sort of larger meeting with clients, customers or interested parties, you’ll want to make sure that you have a good webinar product ready. However, online meeting software does have its uses. 

Online meeting software is still appropriate for quick intercompany meetings. You’re probably already making extensive use of it in this way if you have any team members working remotely. 

What can I use webinar platforms for?

Well, a better question might be – what can’t you use them for! The ability to directly connect with audiences is incredibly useful and explains the popularity of webinar products. Here is just a taste of everything that a good webinar platform can do for your organization! 

#1 Marketing

If you’re in the marketing sector, then you probably already know just how effective webinars can be. Webinar products are quickly becoming the go-to tactic of lead generation for B2B marketing. In fact, 73 per cent of B2B markets say that webinars are the best way to get high-quality leads. It’s also estimated that between 20 to 40 per cent of webinar attendees turn into major leads. While there are plenty of uses for webinars, this is by far one of the most effective and important. 

#2 Product launches and updates

Looking to launch a new product? Updating an existing product? Customers and investors will be eager to learn everything they can about it. One of the best ways to teach them is through a webinar platform. An interactive webinar allows clients to ask you questions directly during your presentation. 

#3 Customer success management 

More and more businesses that provide a service are starting to understand that customer success management is even more important than customer service. This involves helping onboard your clients to your product and making sure they have a great experience from the start. And what better way to educate clients than through webinars – the best interactive webinar platforms will even come with quizzes so that clients can test their knowledge. 

#4 Data gathering

Here’s a tip – marketers don’t just love webinars because of the potential to generate leads. The best webinar products include plenty of webinar analytics. Interactive webinars allow you to hold live polls and surveys with your audience. In the post-webinar period, you have even more opportunities to collect information. 

#5 Establishing thought leadership 

Not every webinar you host has to be about one of your products or services. You can use it to bring on some great speakers to talk about something relevant to your industry. This helps establish your company as thought leaders and build up its reputation. 

#6 Corporate seminars 

If you have something important to say to your entire company, why would you use something as impersonal as an email? With a corporate webinar, you can engage all the stakeholders in your company at once, and let them interact with you and one another. You can also hold polls to get a better idea of the mood of your company when making decisions that affect everyone. 

#7 Investor relations

In larger organizations, webinars are not only useful for making meaningful internal connections but also a way to improve investor relations. During an interactive webinar, you can field questions from investors, ranging from current/upcoming events to the health of your company.

#8 Boost live event attendance

Webinars are increasingly being used as part of “hybrid events,” where live meetings are mixed in with interactive webinars. This allows those who can’t physically attend an event to take part – best of all they can use interactive options to engage and participate, as if they were really there. 

Get the best webinar software for your business 

Big or small, Engage has everything your business needs to build great-looking, engaging webinars. When it comes to getting the audience invested, Engage sets the standard. Contact us today for enterprise-quality webinars at affordable prices. 

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