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Graduating from zoom to webinars: What to expect

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A growing company eventually reaches a point where it puts away childish things such as online meetings and matures into the advanced world of webinars. To graduate to this next level, your B2B marketing/ communications department needs to switch over to more sophisticated conference software.

If you’re faced with such a task, we will highlight what to expect as well as how you can make the most of the transition from online meeting software into webinar software. 

What’s the difference? 

If you’re just entering the world of conference software, you might struggle to tell the difference between video meetings and webinar software. The best way to understand these online meeting software types is to compare them to their “real world” counterparts.

Video meeting software is designed to hold (as the name suggests) a meeting. All this software needs to do is allow for people to be “present” in video and audio format. It covers the basics and gets your team connected with each other.

A webinar is more like (you guessed it) a seminar. And a well-hosted seminar is more than just a group of people talking to each other. Webinar software allows a single speaker to host a talk for a much larger audience than online meeting software. 

The best webinar software goes even further, allowing audiences to interact via questions, surveys and polls. If a video meeting is like a team sitting around a table, a webinar is like a huge auditorium of people listening to a speaker. It’s an entirely different level of scale and requires an entirely different approach. 

Why switch?

Obviously, one reason for switching is just a matter of scale. At some point, your business will need to deliver a message to a very large audience, and the live chat programs rely on for small online events are not going to cut it. 

However, you should also think of webinars as more than just a way to communicate and connect. Webinars in themselves are an amazing form of B2B marketing – when it comes to lead generation, there are few tools that are more effective. 

Once you move onto webinars, you should be aware of the greater opportunities available. Webinars aren’t just a way to talk to people – they’re a powerful marketing tool for meeting new clients and customers, and sharing important information with them.

What do I need?

First things first, you need great webinar software. Often webinar software will require a subscription or purchase compared to online meeting software, so make sure that you do your homework. You’re looking for software that does as much as possible, giving you room to stretch your creativity and make webinars that really reflect your brand.

You may feel a little overwhelmed by all the new options provided by your webinar platform of choice. Depending on your ambitions for your webinar program, it might be beneficial to put a team together. You can have your most creative company assets working hard to develop the webinar and its branding, while you organize scheduling, marketing and find any additional speakers.

You should also start planning your webinar program and build a schedule. Unlike online meeting software, webinars are something you should be using proactively to generate leads and collect data for marketing analytics.

Overwhelming? It may be – but the opportunities for marketing are overwhelming as well! The best tip we can give is to choose a webinar platform like Engage, that offers the most value and ease of use per dollar. And before you know it, you’ll be a webinar wizard!

Get the best webinar software for your business 

Big or small, Engage has everything your business needs to build great-looking, engaging webinars. When it comes to getting the audience invested, Engage sets the standard. Contact us today for enterprise-quality webinars at affordable prices. 

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